Milestone Risk Management

The Milestone Promise

We Protect the Promises You Make

To truly understand the value of a company, one must not just look at the brand and the offering; they must look at the heart behind the company – or what we call “the who behind the what.” Although we deliver exemplary risk management solutions, the story behind Milestone speaks volumes about who you are doing business with, and will provide a certainty about our commitment to you, your business, and your success… both professionally and personally. It reveals the true nature of why we are so passionate about insurance and helping you secure your future. It uncovers the spirit through which we conduct business and will make Milestone the obvious choice over any other provider. We promise!

Our Offering

Your business is properly protected when its operations are thoroughly understood by your insurance broker and carrier. We begin that reality with our Total Assessment Process (TAP) to ensure there are no gaps in coverage leaving your business vulnerable to an uncovered loss. At Milestone, we don’t replicate another broker’s mistakes at a lower cost. We innovate and integrate to provide the assurance that your most valuable asset will be protected in case the unthinkable happens.