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We're Pleased To Announce Our Guest Speaker is Daniel Pink

World-Renowned Author | TED Speaker | Thought Leader

Who is
Daniel Pink?

Daniel Pink

Our guest speaker and workshop facilitator this year is the world-renowned, author, columnist, thought leader, and speaker, Daniel Pink.

With a number of influential bestsellers, Daniel Pink has changed the way companies view the modern workplace. In the pivotal bestseller ‘A Whole New Mind’, Daniel identifies a sea change in the global workforce — the shift of an information-based corporate culture to a conceptual base, where creativity and big-picture design dominate the landscape.

Daniel’s latest book ‘The Power of Regret: How Looking Backward Moves Us Forward’ is set to top the bestsellers lists as he explores how regret, our most misunderstood emotion, can be the pathway to our best life.

You may have also seen him take to the stage for one of his famous TED Talks, one of the most popular talks is ‘The Puzzle of Motivation’ where he examines the puzzle of motivation, starting with a fact that social scientists know but most managers don’t: Traditional rewards aren’t always as effective as we think.

You and your leadership team will experience a workshop like no other as Daniel, one of the most influential voices in the evolving landscape of sales and motivation, delivers a day of thought-provoking practical steps to challenge your team when they get back to work on Monday!

“Pink has a knack for teaching in such an entertaining way that you'll forget you are learning.”

Lexi Feinberg,

Join us on May 6th, 2022 for illuminating stories, insights, and a way forward for your leadership team and business, post-COVID. 

#1 NYT Best
Selling Author

A word from our guest speaker Daniel Pink

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Join us on May 6th, 2022 for illuminating stories, insights, and a way forward for your leadership team and business, post-COVID.

“The programs are so valuable that each year we bring more of our leadership team. They appreciate the experience and the investment in their personal growth and development. I can’t wait for the next one!”

Fred Ouweleen, CEO Pacmin

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You will not only be taking part in an incredible day of learning but also giving back to the community as the Milestones in Leadership Summit is a 501c3 organization. Our goal is to extend excellence in leadership not only across companies in SoCal but also to those who will be the next generation of leaders by supporting two local charities. The Honor Foundation, and The Priority Center. 

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An Incredible Day of Networking, Giving & In-Person Learning Post-COVID

The Milestones in Leadership Summit is Southern California’s premier leadership event, bringing over 200 leadership teams together for a day of face-to-face learning courtesy of some of the best minds in business and development today. This is the perfect opportunity for your leadership team to get together for a day of learning, team building, and networking following COVID.

Book now for SoCal’s premier leadership event with New York Times bestselling author, TED speaker, and thought leader, Daniel Pink. 

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The Milestones in Leadership Summit 2022 gives plenty of opportunities for networking as guests will enjoy lunch with fellow business leaders and sponsors in the gardens of the fabulous Hyatt Regency Hotel, Huntington Beach.

Bring your VIP guests and leadership team

This incredible day is designed to boost your leadership team and tackle some of your most important business challenges. Your core team will leave as inspired leaders who are ready to make a difference in their sphere of influence.

Share in our success

This is your chance to not only build on your corporate social responsibility by supporting two fantastic causes but also grow your relationships with your top clients and increase your visibility to leading companies and industry leaders.

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